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Contact: Manager Yang Mobile: 15808826313
Phone: 0871-67353752
Fax: 0871-67353752
Postcode: 650213
Address: Happy Valley, East Suburb, Guanli District, Kunming City

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30 余亩,员工 120 人。 Kunming Fangliu Foam Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. After years of development, the company's scale has continued to expand, producing a series of foam products for various uses, covering an area of more than 30 acres and employing 120 people. 10 千米,距昆明新城 2 千米,交通十分便利,区域位置十分明显。 The company is located beside Kunluo Highway, 10 kilometers away from Kunming city center and 2 kilometers away from Kunming New City . The traffic is very convenient and the location is very obvious.

公司主要产品包括: 漂浮育苗盘(高密度,规格齐全,主要用于各种农作物育苗)、泡沫板(各种尺寸、密度、形状及防火性质都有,主要用于防震、保温、建筑装饰等)、泡沫箱(高密度、规格齐全,主要用于蔬菜、鲜花、水果的保鲜及各种电器仪表等的包装)、松茸箱(主要用于野生菌保鲜,便于运输。)。 The company has advanced domestic production equipment of the same industry, 20 automatic forming machines and 2 feeders. The company's main products include: floating seedling trays (high density, complete specifications, mainly used for seedlings of various crops), foam boards (each There are various sizes, densities, shapes, and fire resistance properties, mainly used for earthquake resistance, heat insulation, building decoration, etc., foam boxes (high density, complete specifications, mainly used for the preservation of vegetables, flowers, fruits, and various electrical instruments, etc. Packaging), matsutake box (mainly used for keeping wild mushrooms fresh and easy to transport.). 公司经过十多年的经营发展,深得各方客户的信 任,已逐步形成了以昆明为中心,覆盖整个云南省各个地州的完善的销售网点和售后服务网点。 At the same time, various specifications of foam products can be customized according to customer needs. After more than ten years of business development, the company has won the trust of customers from all sides , and has gradually formed a comprehensive sales network centered in Kunming and covering all places in Yunnan Province And after-sales service outlets.

Kunming Yingliu Foam Co., Ltd.

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